2019 HARDGRASS 100% Organic Whole Beef Reservation


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HARDGRASS “WHOLE BEEF deposit”  This option allows you to put a deposit down ($2500) to purchase a live beef for a future harvest date and time.  We will be harvesting between August and November 2019 and beef will be ready to ship approximately 30 days after harvest and butcher is completed.

Current Pricing for 2019:

$6.00 per lb of Hanging Weight

Total Costs for a whole beef range from $2500 to $3500 depending upon the size of the beef….if you prefer a smaller size to keep closer to the $2500 range, then just request this and we can do our best to accommodate that request.

I will often work with customers to help them through this process….it is very easy for me to do and I am happy to help.  A quick phone call or email is all it takes. Getty 541 263 1545 or email getty@hardgrassbeef.com



Additional information

Dry-Aging Length: 7-28 days