HARDGRASS 1/8 Variety Pack (26+lbs @ $10.70/lb)


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HARDGRASS BEEF 1/8 Variety Pack includes approximately 43% +/- 1% of the total weight comprised of the following cuts: Tenderloin Steaks (2), New York Strip Steaks (2), Ribeye Steaks (2), Sirloin Steaks (1), Chuck Roasts (1), Shoulder Roast (1) and Stew Meat (1 pkg).  The remainder of the total weight 57% +/- 1% is Dry-Aged Ground Beef wrapped in convenient 1lb packages (approximately 15+ lbs).  All cuts are packaged in Single Serving increments for ease of preparation and cooking convenience.  Guaranteed minimum total weight of beef 26.25 lbs.  Total price includes shipping cooler and coolant to keep product frozen to your doorstep.

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Weight 26.25 lbs