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HARDGRASS WHOLE BEEF” This option allows you to purchase (1) Live Beef for Fall Winter Slaughter 2022.  Beef will be ready to ship approximately 45 days after harvest. This is our 3 year Premium Product and supply is limited.  Live weights will vary from 800 lbs to 1000 lbs and yields will also vary as well depending upon butcher instructions.

Butcher and Slaughter costs will vary from $600 to $750 depending upon each animal and butcher instructions

Shipping Costs usually are $1.00 per lb of shipped meat with 3 day shipping via Fed Ex or UPS in the US (lower 48 states) with a range from $350 to $450.

Total Costs will range from $4950 to $5200 depending upon the size of the beef, butcher instructions and shipping.

We often work with customers to help them through this process….it is very easy and we are happy to help.  A quick phone call or email is all it takes. Contact Getty at 541 263 1545 or email getty@hardgrassbeef.com