Our Ranch is located in Wallowa County, Oregon outside the city of Lostine, Oregon. Population 208, Elevation 3363 ft. Nestled between the Lostine River to the South and bordered by the Wallowa River to the North. Because our ranch is nestled in the valley with mountains on all sides we experience extreme weather changes and temperature swings. In the winter the temperature can drop to -20 F and in the summer months can reach over 100 F.


Mineral Rich Soils provide the foundation for growing nutrient rich grasses, which in turn is consumed by our cattle. The soils on our ranch vary from sandy, silt, to clay saturated in our wetlands. Because our land encompasses dry rocky hills down to irrigated pastures and wetlands, pH ranges from 6.3 to 6.6. By maintaining high organic matter and optimum Fungi and Bacterial levels our soil microbiology is able to convert rich soil nutrients into food for our community of grass and plants to grow.


Because our topography varies from wetland meadows, irrigated fields, hillsides to rocky outcroppings, our grasses vary as well. Sedges, rushes, and cattails dominate our wetland meadows, while fescue, orchardgrass, alfalfa, timothy, blue grass dominate our irrigated pastures. The dry ground consists of native bunchgrasses, smooth brome, Great Basin Wild-Rye, sweet clover and other forbes.


The water that our cattle drink originates from the Eagle Cap Mountains and makes its way to our ranch via Artesian Springs and two rivers; Lostine River and Wallowa River. Clean abundant water is absolutely critical to supporting our cattle and wildlife.  We take great care to ensure that our water is protected by fencing off our waterways ensuring the water remains pure.