Artisan…Time…Nutrient Accumulation

The Artisan Butcher is 100% vital to the quality of the beef we produce.  I personally transport our beef live to our butcher, knowing that they will be harvested humanely and butchered to perfection.

In addition to having Artisan butchery we also Dry-Age our Beef to concentrate and develop the flavors and deliver a decadently tender cut of meat. The Dry-Aging process is time consuming, expensive, and requires large storage capacity, not to mention you must start off with high quality beef. When you dry-age beef you lose around 15% of the weight of the carcass to moisture loss, thus increasing the price per pound by up to 30%….but the flavor and tenderness is well worth it. Dry-Aging allows for meat to hold onto moisture and flavor better during the cooking process providing a finished cooked product that is extremely tender and concentrated with succulent flavors. When cooking our meat you will notice that each cut does not loose much size or weight compared to wet-aged meat.


We believe you can’t rush quality. The meat we offer for sale today takes up to 5 years to produce, butcher and age to perfection. Starting with a heritage breed of cattle that is slow growing and late maturing allows for nutrient accumulation in their meat over time. Providing only grass, sedges, rushes, native pastures and forbes grown in nutrient mineral rich soils build the foundation for healthy nutrient rich meat. We avoid all use of antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides and growth hormones. Followed up by Artisan Butchery complete with Dry-Aging for up to 28 days it all translates to LOTS OF TIME. All in pursuit of the best tasting NUTRIENT RICH MEAT that can be produced.